Thiel, Stephanie

The Influence of Framing on the Reduction of Anti-Semitic Attitudes




Umfang & Ausstattung
Erschienen 12/2010
ISSN & Heft-No. 1611-1818_67


In German media, as well as in German society as a whole, there is increasing criticism of Israel. Some observers attribute this to a rising tide of anti-Semitism, but empirical studies of this development have been both limited and contradictory. Moreover, a reanalysis of existing data indicates that many Germans are actually peace-oriented. Consequently, the partly harsh criticism of Israel may have to be explained in terms of much more complex attitudes than was previously assumed.
The mass media have been assigned at least some responsibility for the posited development of anti-Semitic attitudes in Germany. If they do play a role, then we should look for the mechanisms at work. The Peace Research Group of the University of Konstanz therefore plans to do a framing study of this anti-Semitism. Its main questions will be: what motivates criticism of Israel? Can different forms of anti-Semitism be identified and how can they be reduced? Will people embrace a peace frame for the Near East conflict if one is offered