Kempf, Wilhelm

Documentation of the Anti-Semitism and the Criticism of Israel (ASCI) survey




Umfang & Ausstattung 75 S.
ISSN & Heft-No. 1611-1818_75


The present paper documents the questionnaire and results of a survey in Germany, with data collected during June – November 2010. Using probabilistic item response models, the survey analyzes the structure of anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli and anti-Palestinian attitudes and studies how they are distributed in the German population. It reconstructs the mental models according to which participants make meaning of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it differentiates between different forms of Israel-criticism and it investigates the effect of participants’ human rights orientation on anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli and anti-Palestinian attitudes, as well as moral disengagement and pacifism, knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the way how participants position themselves to the conflict.
Due to the complexity of the survey and the limited space available in peer-reviewed journals, it will be published in a series of articles, each of them focusing on theory, methodology and results of another aspect of the study – and even there, it will not be possible to report all of the statistical details that are reported here in an uncommented way.