conflict & communication online, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2017
ISSN 1618-0747







In the last issue of conflict & communication online we documented a press release on the cancellation of the bank account of the Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East (Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost e.V. (JS)) by the Bank for a Social Economy (Bank für Sozialwirtschaft). After the two sides exchanged their viewpoints, this regrettable affair was constructively ended, whereby we document a new press release of the JS. This makes it clear that its support for the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is based on a non-violent and political orientation. In agreement with United Nations resolutions, the JS after all supports actions toward ending Israeli occupation policy and realizing equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians, but is not against the existence of the state of Israel.
Further, we set a link to the regrettably quite one-sided and in part erroneous report of the Independent Body of Experts on Anti-Semitism to the German government and link to a commentary that appeared in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. In it, former Israeli ambassador to Germany Shimon Stein and Israeli historian Moshe Zimmermann, who teaches in Tel Aviv, deal critically with the report and warn: “Anyone who cries ‘Anti-Semitism’ where there is none harms the struggle against Antisemitism.”
In addition, we document a press release of the International Union for Reconciliation (Internationaler Versöhnungsbund), which favors immediately ending expulsions to Afghanistan, and supports facilitating and accelerating family reunion, recognizing conscientious objection and desertion as grounds for asylum, as well as calling for a right to remain in Germany for Roma and Sinti.

Berlin, October 2017

Wilhelm Kempf

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