Wilhelm Kempf (ed.)

Readings in Peace Journalism. Foundations - Studies - Perspectives

Friedens- und Demokratiepsychologie, Bd. 9, 204 S., brosch., 29.90 €. Berlin: regener, 2010.
ISBN 978-3-936014-22-8

Since Galtung (1998) and Kempf (1996) outlined their first ideas of an alternative to conventional war reporting, their model(s) of "Peace Journalism" stimulated a broad debate among peace researchers and journalists, practical thought about how to achieve this type of journalism, and a large body of basic theoretical and empirical research. How the concept of peace journalism developed in the course of these studies is documented in the present book which contains a collection of papers from the years 1997–2009 that previously were only available in German, in hard to find sources and/or in electronic form.

Part I, Foundations: War propaganda versus peace journalism(Wilhelm Kempf) / Conflict prevention and the media (Wilhelm Kempf) / Information structures as barriers to civilian conflict management (Wilhelm Kempf)
Part II, Studies: Media representations of conflicts as catalysts of peace processes (Susanne Jaeger & Wilhelm Kempf) / The German press coverage on France after World War II (Susanne Jaeger) / Acceptance and impact of de-escalationoriented conflict coverage (Wilhelm Kempf) / Peace journalism and the news production process (Burkhard Bläsi)
Part III, Perspectives: Compatibility of peace and news media (Susanne Jaeger) / Media effects during violent conflict (Vladimir Bratić) / Implementing peace journalism: The role of conflict stages (Burkhard Bläsi) / The media and the implementation of a European peace policy (Wilhelm Kempf)