Dov Shinar & Wilhelm Kempf (eds.)

Peace Journalism: The State of the Art

Friedens- und Demokratiepsychologie, Bd. 5, 246S., brosch., 34.80 €. Berlin: regener, 2007.
ISBN 978-3-936014-12-9

The book is a critical exploration of peace journalism, a mode of coverage that proposes alternatives to the preference of war in the media professional culture. Originally published electronically, and now offered in print, it features information, ideas and methods on peace journalism to be used by journalists, instructors, students and the general public.
Written by some of the most prominent media researchers and practitioners, active in the Peace Journalism International Group of the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research, the book tackles some of the most salient and controversial issues in the conceptual, professional and educational areas and includes an uncommon interaction of applied and theoretical work; explorations of the expressions of peace journalism in text, discourse, and image; and analyses of cases such as Northern Ireland, the Basque country, Israel-Palestine, the Oslo peace process, the coverage of the Mohammed cartoons, and events in the Iraq War.

With contributions by Annabel McGoldrick (War journalism and "objectivity"); Samuel Peleg (Peace journalism and conflict theory); Susan Dente Ross: ((De-) Constructing conflict); Robert A. Hackett (Is peace journalism possible?); Lea Mandelzis (Representations of peace in news discourse); Rune Ottosen (Emphasizing images in peace journalism); Wilhelm Kempf (De-escalation oriented post-war-coverage); Jake Lynch (A course in peace journalism); Bev Keever (De-escalating the language of killing); Dov Shinar (Peace journalism - The state of the art)