Stig A. Nohrstedt & Rune Ottosen (eds.)

Journalism and the New World Order

Vol. 1: Gulf War, National News Discourses and Globalization

Nordicom, Göteborg 2000, 282 S., kt.
ISBN 91-89471-06-7

The New World Order, proclaimes by President Bush in connection with the Persian Gulf War 1990-91, is a challenge for research on war journalism, propaganda and international opinion making. This comparative study of media coverage of the conflict in five countries, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the USA, offers a unique, empirical study with a multi-methodological approach.

War journalism today is faced wit rapidly changing conditions and demands due to the development of setellite-TV, more advanced propaganda strategies an political re-orientations reflecting an international situation with the USA as the only superpower in the post-cold war period.

The implications of this development and news about international wars and conflicts are elaborated both theoretically and by empirical findings in the analysis of how the Persian Gulf War and subsequent crises were presented in countries with different cultural backgrounds and security policy traditions.

With contributions by Laurien Alexandre (USA), Gunnar Garbo (Norway), Wilhelm Kempf (Germany), Heikki Luostarinen (Finland), Hanne Marie Mathisen (Norway), Stig A. Nohrstedt (Sweden), Rune Ottosen (Norway), Michael Reimann (Germany) and Oddgeir Tveiten (Norway).